MWS , Breakbulk Warranty

A MWS, unless hired to serve as a marine consultant, is always appointed to protect the interest of the underwriters.

By appointing an independent third-party MWS to review the whole operation from start to finish, carriers and charterers will reduce the high-risk factor associated with project cargoes transportation, marine operations etc. The attendance of an MWS will ensure that the regular areas of failure within cargoes transportation, marine operations such as poor lashing equipment, insufficient use of lashing equipment, and non-compliance with all relevant safety codes will be avoided.

The MWS ensures that the terms of the warranty clause in the insurance policy are complied with and that the operations are carried out in accordance with the approved procedures as defined in the Transport Manual or Method Statement.

If requested, it goes beyond its primary purpose by providing transport guidelines, method descriptions as well as technical expertise in risk management for the project.